Field Trip 2015/2016 School Year




Since I’ve been home, a new opportunity arose for me.  At the beginning of her 7th grade year, my daughter asked if she could try home school.  With everything that goes on in the schools now a days, I was all for it.  We’ve had good days and bad days, but she and I have both learned a lot along the way.

To reward our hard work, over Spring Break, I decided to take a weekend and go on a field trip to Cincinnati; as frugal as possible of course.  We have family in the area, so we were able to stay with them for a night.  We also took advantage of some off season deals.  The Newport Aquarium in Northern Kentucky (across the bridge from Cincinnati) was having a winter deal, where up to two children were free with a paying adult.  This was a really good deal, and if you live within driving distance of Cincinnati, I definitely recommended planning a trip during the off-season.

Day 1 we spent exploring the Aquarium, where we petted sting rays, and sharks!  We also got to walk across a rope bridge suspended over the top of the shark tank; and my personal favorite – we got to see dancing penguins.  We also spent time at the Newport Levee, which is an entertainment and shopping area adjacent to the Aquarium.  They have a huge Barnes and Noble, and my daughter loves going to the book stores, so this was a treat for her.  We were lucky and the weather that weekend was unseasonably warm, so we were able to walk along the Levee, and enjoy the downtown scenery from across the river.

Day 2 we  went to Cincinnati’s Union Terminal, which houses the Cincinnati History Museum, an OmniMax Theater, and The Natural History Museum.  We started our second day off at the OmniMax.  I had never been to an OmniMax before.  Our seats tilted back, and the whole ceiling was a video screen.  We watched The History of the National Parks, which was narrated by Robert Redford.  It was so wonderful seeing all the beautiful places across the country.  After the OmniMax, we grabbed lunch at the cafe, then headed to The Natural History Museum.  Here we learned about and saw an actual mummy, explored an indoor cave, saw an actual piece of moon rock (which was gifted to the museum by Neil Armstrong), and of course there was the dinosaur exhibit.


I have been on school field trips with my daughter before, but I have to say, as a chaperon, it is hard to enjoy time with your child, because you have to stay on the schedule given out by the teacher, and also have to keep up with not only your child, but the other children assigned to you.  So our home school field trip, was not only a great learning experience, but also a great bonding experience.

Thanks to planning ahead, we were also able to take our trip, and stay on our frugal path.  In total, we spent around $140.00 for a 2 day, 1 night trip.  Including: Tickets, parking, gas, spending money for my daughter, and lunches.  We had a couple of gift certificates we received for Christmas, which we used for dinners, and I saved fuel perks at a local grocery store to help with the cost of gas.

If you have a larger city within a couple hours driving distance from where you are, definitely look and plan ahead for any deals, and take advantage of all the deals you can find.

Happy exploring!



  1. zhyxtheman · March 27, 2016

    Museums were always my favorite places to go for field trips. Working on the time so I can go back to one soon. Fun article.


    • Amy · March 27, 2016

      I remember going to the history museum in elementary school, so it was fun getting to take her. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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