Spring Has Sprung

dogwood-591705_640 (1)

It happens every year.  After the grey, dreary winter months, suddenly, we wake up one morning and nature has come to life.  I love the changing seasons.  My family and I lived in Charleston, SC for four years, and one of the biggest things I missed from home, was the changing seasons.  I actually missed the snow, and the dreary winter days, because when the magical day came each year that the skies cleared, and the trees and flowers came to life, you couldn’t help but feel the hope and promise of a new season.  Living in a warmer climate, I didn’t have the same sense of appreciation for the newness that each Spring brought.

This is our second Spring being back home, and I have such a renewed appreciation for this time of year.  I’ve been in planning stages for our family, for what I would like to accomplish over the Summer and the remainder of the year.  I love to take time to stop and reflect back on where we’ve been and our path going forward.

Some of my goals for the coming months are:

  1.  Re-do our outdoor space.
  2. Take our first family camping trip.
  3. Spend more family time together.
  4. Resume our nightly walks around the neighborhood.
  5. Relax and have fun.

This will be my first Summer off with the family in years, and I’m so excited.  But for now, I’m enjoying the beautiful Spring blooms, and nature’s  beauty.

Happy Spring!



  1. beautifulbutterflies75 · March 27, 2016

    Found your blog on Dream Big MG. I live in the desert now so I know what you mean. I miss the changing of seasons. Have a great day!


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